Kate Parker Weddings

What began as a one-woman wedding planning company in 2003, Kate Parker Weddings is now a nationally recognized design and coordination firm. Seeking to help the NYC or LA bride find her style in New England, Kate has created a company that caters to the design-savvy bride.
We’ve been working with Kate Parker since she first started, working with her on her design and brand from the ground floor. Kate is a world-class wedding and event planner, visionary, artist, designer and conceptual thinker. She has kept us engaged in fun and exciting projects since that very first day. Branding, building, programming and designing identities, sites and print collateral for many projects, including: Kate Parker Flowers, MyKateParker Wedding (Now Prepare to Wed), The Wedding Gala, The PTW blog, KPW, and the KPW blog as well as many others…we are blessed to have her as one of our long standing clients who always has another very exciting project around the corner ready for us to start.
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